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Stoocked Buffet

We want to express our deepest sympathy as you prepare for your loved one's new life. This can definitely be a difficult time for you and we want to make this as easy as possible for you. You've made the arrangements gotten through the funeral services, and now the repast to gather with family and supportive friends. No matter the size of your funeral reception, we have a menu that you can choose from. You may also speak with the Chef to discuss other accommodations outside of the menu. We'd like to be there for you!

Client Story

I get emotional as I type this review. I never heard of a funeral reception. I grew up with everyone bringing a dish to the family's home and we get together and eat. I would enjoy the family and friends time we would spend together, but I never imagined having to be the one to prepare for a funeral reception. I lost my father suddenly without notice besides his aging. As I walked the aisles in the grocery store my face was in tears, I had swollen eyes, and was mentally exhausted. No one could confirm the dishes they were bringing and I was unsure of what all food would be served. Along the way, a lady was having a conversation on her cell phone, discussing catering. I didn't want to be too nosey but it was definitely something I could use. I stopped to face her and said, "Excuse me, do you provide catering?" She looked at me and said yes I do, but do you have allergies? Your face is red." She could see my exhaustion and ended her call to immediately listen to me. After she realized the situation I was in she immediately introduced her business and provided her menu. I was able to leave the grocery store without a worry about food. That was the best experience I had at that moment. Although the food was outstanding my stars are for the availability and compassion she provided as my family grieved. Thank you A Family Affair Kitchen & Catering.

Clarissa Houston

Let us know how we can assist.

Please email or call us to discuss catering menu and pricing.

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